How To Tame Your Reactive Dog WITHOUT
Spending Thousands On In-Person Training

Reactivity affects 1 out of 3 dogs. In this course we teach you the skills needed to never be embarrassed by your reactive dog again.

Living With A Reactive
Dog Can Be A Nightmare

My dog is 5 yrs old and unbelievably reactive to other dogs on leash; she
looks and sounds like she wants to eat them and this happens all of the time.

The problem started when he turned 1. When our country’s 6 months lockdown was lifted, Meeko became anxious in the park.Going to the shops became very stressful for the family as he got defensive and reactive to people and dogs that came near him.

I have a rescue Minnie Aussie that lived on the street before I adopted her. She barks at everything and is afraid of everyone and everything.


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