Here is why your dog ignores their recall:

You are walking through the park with your dog. Suddenly they see another dog in the distance and really want to say hi. Your dog takes off and leaves you in the dust.

You call your dog, but they blow you off and start playing with the other dog. That, right there, is the downfall of a lot of recall training:

The dog actually gets rewarded for not coming.

Your dog is not sad that they missed out on a treat from you or that you are mad at them. They’re thrilled to be able to play with another dog. Ignoring you means success for your dog!

Your dog learned, “If my owner calls, and I don’t listen, then I get to have fun!” Once your dog understands this, they will repeat it again and again and again.

Having a dog who doesn’t come when called is frustrating and disappointing. Even worse, it can put their life at risk if they don’t listen!

We have unlocked the secret to break this cycle!

Introducing: The Recall Expert Bundle

The extensive view-on-demand video library that will turn your dog into a perfect listener.

Unleash Reliable Recalls:

If it Doesn’t Work, We’ll Refund Your Investment

After working with thousands of dog and owner teams, our professional trainers developed the Recall Expert Bundle to help you overcome frustrations and finally achieve a reliable recall!

This extensive view-on-demand video library provides you with the exact step-by-step training method needed to teach a solid recall to your dog.

Total Bundle Value ($349)
Now only $99!

Start Your Dog’s Recall Journey Today!


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