Our Mission

Help as many pets find forever homes by supporting non-kill shelters and rescues with our time, talent, and treasure. 

The purpose of this site is to exponentially expand our ability to help shelters and rescue programs that are in desperate need of volunteers, fosters, adopters, and money to keep the lights on. Our family-run operation has committed to at LEAST 35% of our profit to help the organizations we’ve identified. 

As we are in a high growth mode, our current business plan shows:

  • 50% will go to growth (advertising, inventory, and systems).
  • 35% or more directly donated to Organizations in need.

We are aware that other online pet retailers have programs to help shelters and we applaud their efforts, however as a corporate entity, their priority is to the business and shareholders.  Our priority is to support the tireless efforts of animal rescues.  This is our passion!  

We know you love your animals and may or may not be able to adopt or foster more.  By purchasing through our website, know that your hard-earned money is not only getting good products at fair prices, but you are directly impacting the lives of other needy animals. 

If you are a rescue operation or know of one, and would like to apply for assistance, click here!

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