Floppy. Pointy. Long. Short. All ears are adorable. And they’re all susceptible to infections and parasites.

This alcohol-free treatment is safe for use on cats and dogs and will help eliminate uncomfortable ear issues and parasite problems. Prevent infections before they even develop, because those ears are worth it.

No matter what size or shape they come in. This all-in-one solution serves as a versatile remedy to a multitude of ear ailments, quickly and efficiently alleviating uncomfortable problems like swelling and scratching. A simple and accessible solution to yeast and bacteria. Avoid the frustration of stubborn parasites and ear infections by attacking them before they become a problem. Soothing organic oils of neem and lavender helps to soothe and ease, providing instant relief for swelling and other painful problems.

This item cannot be sold in the following States:

  • Maine.


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