Part of our Dream ChaserTM bed series; the Sherpa Dog Blanket comes in a variety of sizes and is made with you and your dog in mind.
As your pup rests and recovers in between adventures they will nestle; burrow; and snuggle to their hearts desire with their blanket.
Fashioned in baby-soft fleece material; our dog blankets are great additions to any dogs bed; crate; or favorite sleep spot.
Our blankets also serve as furniture protectors to capture unwanted pet hair and can be used as a cover for your dogs bed to maintain a clean sleep environment. Not to mention our blankets also make for great first gifts; whether you are bringing a puppy or rescue dog home for the first time.
Make their transition to a new home easier with their very own blanket that they can travel with and bring along all the familiar scents of home with them.

Weight 33 oz
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