Use for instantly healthier skin and coat.

Our biodegradable, hypoallergenic ingredients will help moisturizing and soothing your pet’s skin and coat.

Soap-free tear-free formula: our special formulation has mixtures of organic aloe extracts, is tearless that won’t irritate your dog’s eyes, nose or skin while bathing.

Makes a soft, easy to brush, coat that will make your pet feel clean and smell great for several days after bathing.  Enhanced with lavender essential oil, our formula is extra calming. Lavender has a homeopathic comforting effect making it easier to bathe.

Made in USA.  This allows us maintain quality control to make sure that no harmful chemicals goes inside, it is 100% organic natural ingredients that we guarantee your furry friend will enjoy.

Zampa Pets has a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied just reach out to our customer service and bark!

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