Ark Naturals Ears All Right Dog & Cat Gentle Cleaning Lotion. Clean ears aren’t just important for hearing when kibble’s poured into a bowl. They’re important for overall pet health, too! Ark Naturals Ears All Right Dog & Cat Gentle Cleaning Lotion helps treat ear mite infestations, reduces inflammation and irritation, and prevents insect bites from leading to infection. A few drops squeezed onto a cotton ball and wiped around the ears reduces wax buildup and ear odor in long-eared pets.

Key Benefits:

  • Developed by an herbal scientist using premium natural botanicals, it’s non-drying and hypo-allergenic.
  • Easy to use, simply add a few drops to a cotton ball and wipe around the ear to clean without drying them out or causing a burning sensation.
  • Natural botanical formula that removes wax, dirt, and foreign debris from your pet’s ears, promoting healthy ears.
  • Safe for dogs and cats, and made in the USA!
  • Treats mites and helps heal infections resulting from minor scratches and insect bites. Also soothes and comforts itchy or red ears.
Weight 8 oz
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